How To Buy Your Home With Unlocked

Unlocked is a Better Buying Experience for Bay Area Home Buyers.

Unlocked helps you with as much (or as little) of the home-buying process as you require. Some clients come to us with a home already found and a price in mind, and need assistance with assessing the home and executing the transaction. Others are still figuring out their budget, what they're looking for, and advice on where to focus their search.

Wherever you are in your home-buying journey, we’re here to seamlessly guide you through the process to a successful purchase, from start to finish. Check out our Yelp page to see what our clients think of Unlocked's buying experience.


#1. Assessing The Market

In today’s competitive Bay Area market, you want somebody by your side to help you understand the local market and valuation trends. Unlike traditional agents, we don’t rely on ‘gut instinct’, but instead provide data-driven analysis and insight to help you understand the current real estate landscape.

We can help you figure out your budget, including introducing you to the best mortgage agents at the top banks, and hone in on the best opportunities that fit within your budget.


#2. Finding the Right Home

Websites like Redfin and Zillow make it easy to keep track of new listings. We’ll help you customize your email alerts so you’ll see new listings as soon as they hit the market, and know when the next open homes are.

Once you’ve visited a home and are interested in moving forward, just let your Unlocked agent know and we can inform you of offer deadlines and other pertinent information about the home, and obtain the home's disclosures from the listing agent.


#3. Valuing the Home

“What is this home worth and what will it sell for?” is a question we get asked a lot. While other real estate agents pluck a random number out of thin air, we bring data and analytical rigour to the valuing a home.

For each property you’re interested in, we put together Unlocked’s Custom Valuation Report, an easy-to-interpret dataset of recent comparable transactions, competing listings and third-party valuations. We also summarize the analysis for you and give our expert opinion on the price range the home will likely sell.


#4. Understanding the Disclosures

Disclosure packets contain a lot of vital information about the home. Unfortunately, they are long (200+ pages) and dense, which doesn’t make for fun, relaxing reading.

Unlocked helps you understand the disclosures through our Disclosure Review Summary. We diligently read through the entire disclosure packet and catalog every issue we see, as well as give our assessment as to the level of risk of each issues (and provide the page number so you can reference). We also summarise our risk assessment of the 6 major reports in the disclosure packet, allowing you to quickly hone in on the key issues.


#5. Submitting a Competitive Offer

When you’re ready to submit an offer, we’ll help you put your best foot forward. We’ll help you understand the level of competition on the home, and discuss with you the right offer price and terms based on how desirable the home is to you.

We’ll also help you compile the rest of the offer package, ensuring that your offer is as attractive to the sellers (and listing agent) as possible. We do everything electronically, ensuring that we can help you put together your offer quickly and efficiently. We’ve helped a number of clients win homes when they weren’t the highest bidder, based on the quality and contents of their offer package.


#6. Negotiations and Counter-Offers

In today’s competitive Bay Area market, it is not uncommon for there to be post-offer negotiations or multi-party counter-offers. If and when you’re in such a situation, we’ll help you navigate the negotiations, providing expert advice and diligent representation through the final stages, ensuring you end up with the best possible outcome.


#7. A Smooth Closing

Once your offer has been accepted, Unlocked will guide you through the closing process. We’ll work with the escrow officer, your mortgage agent and the listing agent to ensure that all of the necessary steps seamlessly happen, and you’re able to close your purchase on time.

And best of all, when you purchase your home with Unlocked, you’ll get 2% cash back at close.

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